Building a Transcript – Prework Prompt 3

Written by Shannon

The theme for this series has been “Let’s Build a Transcript” for your homeschooled or unschooled teen.

We are beginning with focusing on the prompts and records that will help you build your teen’s high school transcript. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out: Prompt 1 and Prompt 2.

Today’s Prompt is to Gather the Low-Hanging Fruit – those easy to identify, more conventionally earned credits:

In your working document, make a list of the following that your teen has started and/or finished so far in their high school years.

  • High school level homeschool, co-op, or other classes, courses or workshops
  • Adult, trade, or college level classes, courses, training, or workshops
  • Dual Credit or Concurrent Enrollment classes
  • CLEP, DANTES, and/or FEMA Exams (or other Credit-by-Exams)
  • Private tutors, mentors, or speech/occupational/physical therapists
  • High school level (or above) textbooks, workbooks, unit studies, or curriculum? Include any Great Courses programs and/or Funschooling books, if used
  • Scouting (or similar) badges or achievements
  • Volunteer work (or hours)
  • Jobs, Apprenticeships, Internships, or Entrepreneurial activities
  • Sports played and/or Health and Fitness activities

If you have time, jot down next to each the completed credit value so far (.5 or 1.0) or if it’s still in progress.

For more specialized prompts, be sure to check out (and save) the workbook in the Recreating Records module of Getting Started with Homeschool Transcripts.


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