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Where we show you how to turn your homeschooled or unschooled teen’s interests, passions, and deep dives into high school credit.

There are lots of resources out there to show you how to create a conventional American high school transcript for your homeschooler.  

But where we are different, is that Capturing Credit really focuses on how to turn all that amazing, unstructured, self-directed learning into legitimate credit on a professional looking high school transcript. 

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Others We've Helped

You helped me get confident that it was okay to let my daughter follow her interests during the high school years. 


When my son decided  to go to college, I had no idea how to go back and write out a transcript that covered all that he had done for the last four years.   Thanks you!


Thank you!  I was trying to fit my son's learning over the last few years into the local school's courses, and it wasn't working.  With your help, now I know I can simply document what he did do instead trying to cram into an ill-fitting school box. 


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