Keepers of Creativity and Curiosity

Written by Shannon

This week I’ve been hosting a creativity challenge to make time to explore and play with some the creative projects and supplies that I’ve accumulated but never made time to use. It’s been fun to gather together virtually with others and share what we are working on.

By happenstance, most of us in the creativity challenge are former homeschooling moms, work-at-home moms, and/or moms of neurodivergent kiddos. And some, like me, are all three. It’s just been a gift to be in community together and give ourselves permission and time to play and explore…

One of the moms today talked about how during her chaotic and, at times, abusive childhood, how important – and impactful – those who encouraged her and inspired her to explore her creativity and curiosity were… A phrase that resonated with me was “…the keepers of creativity and curiosity!”

Boy, that spoke to me as a homeschool mom and as a person … what a gift we can give to our teens – and others – when we encourage them and inspire them to embrace their creativity and curiosity….

Stepping Out of the Back to School Energy

After I wrote last time about Back to School Cocooning and Protecting Your Energy, I stumbled across a short video from when my youngest was in her last years of homeschooling high school, that spoke to the topic of Stepping out of the “Back to School” energy. I shared it on Facebook here if you’d like to check it out.

If you are like me and the high “Back to School” energy is a bit overwhelming, it may encourage you.

Two short encouragement videos

Laura Swain, homeschool mom and portfolio reviewer in Ohio, asked me for a couple short reels for an IG Stories collaboration. So while I was filming those, I also filmed two short encouragement videos for our social media pages.

If you need a quick shot of encouragement, you’ll find them on the Capturing Credit Instagram page as well as at these links on Facebook: :

3 ways to simplify your homeschool in the high school years

An important lesson I’ve learned during two decades of homeschooling

I will get back to the Planning for High School series we were in the middle of, but for now, if I can encourage you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until then… Happy Learning!

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