Embracing your Teens’ Interests

Written by Shannon

If you joined me in cocooning and stepping out of the Back to School Churn, I hope you had a lovely, restful time.  If you are still cocooning… enjoy!  

During my time away, I hosted a creativity challenge, played with watercolors and art, worked on client projects, and just enjoyed time with my family.

While all my kids still live on property, we all live full adult lives and it takes intentional effort to stay connected. My oldest daughter, Kate (26), just took a week off from her work at the local library to recharge and it was fantastic to see her more often. Definitely a gift.

We sometimes marvel at how we didn’t predict that all that time at the library when she was a young teen and her love of story and great books would land her actually working in a library and loving it.

It seems so obvious now, but definitely not where we thought she’d go – especially since her degree path was in Visual Communications & 3D Animation.

We just never know how the golden threads will shape us and what opportunities will arise.

Yesterday, my oldest son Josh (24) and I were answering questions for a mom who had a kiddo interested in programming, and among the insights he shared was this:

“learning how to mod your favorite game is one of most satisfying ways to learn coding”
Such a gold nugget, and speaks to how deep and rich learning is when we are intrinsically motivated by something deeply interests us.

Josh’s own programming and subsequent journey as a writer has been fueled by the desire to explore, enhance, and share his interests and experiences.

If you are feeling the back-to-school pressure and questioning how much to embrace your teen’s interests, passions, and deep dives in their current season, here’s a few links that might encourage you:

It All Comes Together

Special Gift

Parenting Teens: Interests, Conversations, and Respect 
(Approximately 10 min video & Transcript from 2020- on my personal blog.

As I emerge from my back-to-school cocooning, I’ll be back to writing new content for you. But if you ever need a quick drop of encouragement, be sure to check our Facebook or Instagram pages. Rachel or I drop a quote or tidbit at least twice a week.

Or feel free to shoot me an email, I’m always happy to help if I can.

Until Next Time, Happy Learning!

P.S. Mark your calendar: Our next Homeschooling High School Q&A Session will be Thursday, September 21st at 7pm Central (8pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific).

P.S.S. For a peak at how Josh’s programming credits were documented on his transcript, check out the Anatomy of a Transcript example in the Free Resource Library

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