Back to School Cocooning and Protecting Your Energy

Written by Shannon

August has arrived with all the Back-to-School energy. Frankly, August and Back to School time is difficult for me.

There’s a lot of high energy and angst wrapped up in Back to School time. Many transitions are happening. Many voices shouting from the rooftops. Many seekers trying to figure things out.

I typically step back – away from the homeschooling and education spaces – until things settle down again.

I’m there for those who are already in my circles, but typically I cocoon a bit.

If you are like me and this time of year is overwhelming or draining, know you are not alone.   And, it’s okay – maybe even necessary –  to protect your energy, to cocoon, for however long as you need to.

It’s okay to choose to step out of the Back-to-School churn and do life and learning on your own terms. 

It is also okay to invite in the energy that works best for you and your family. You choose.

This month’s call, on Thursday August 17th at 7pm Central, will reflect this a bit.

We are not promoting the call on social media. It’ll just be available for subscribers as an Open Call – no topic, just an open forum, kinda like a Virtual Mom’s Night Out.

If you’d like to hang out, to chat, you are most welcome to join me. If you want to invite a personal homeschooling friend to come hang out with us, that’s okay too.

I’d love to see you.

Until Next Time…

P.S. If recognizing and managing your and your teen’s personal energy needs is of interest to you, you might like this 17 minute video on my personal blog: Parenting: Recognizing and Managing Energy Needs.

In it I share some of the lessons we’ve learned as a family about recognizing, respecting, and managing our individual energy needs – especially during the high school and college-age years.

This conversation could also be useful for you when we next return to our Planning for High School series and discuss customizing to your Teen.

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