Building a Transcript – Prework Prompt 2

Written by Shannon

Our last prompt was to imagine writing a letter to a friend or acquaintance, sharing the awesomeness that is your teen. 

Today we’re focused on your Teen’s Interests, Passions, and Deep Dives.

First, let’s start with a quick brainstorm:

  • In no more than 15 minutes, make a list of Interests, Passions, and Deep Dives your teen has had so far in their high school years.

At this point, don’t worry about remembering all of them, just focus on what comes to mind quickly and easily. Sometimes it helps to think about it in seasons, or months. But really at the moment, the goal is to just start with a quick list of what comes to mind.

  • Next – mark the items that your teen spent the MOST time or dived the deepest.

Remember, as I shared in 4 Ways to Turn Interests, Passions, and Deep Dives into High School Credit, not all Interests are a credit in of themselves.

Sometimes they are combined with like things to become a credit, like a Water Sports Credit. Sometimes they are components of another credit – like research in an English Credit.

And sometimes, especially with passions and deep dives, or immersive activities, they are translated into multiple credits – like immersive Travel becoming both a European History credit and an Art History credit.

Also, remember the transcript is cumulative. Credits are earned when they are completed. It does not matter if it takes a few weeks, a few months, or a few years to accumulate the learning, knowledge, and skills that make up the credit.

For example, my daughter Kate’s Archery half credit was earned over two years of shooting archery every week. But her God and Reason credit was earned in an immersive four week deep dive.

So even if they haven’t spent enough time or build enough skill or experience to warrant a half credit, yet, you still want to make note of it. Cuz you never know how things springboard or connect over the course of the high school years.

I know this is a lot of info, but really the most important things for you to do for this prompt, are:

  • Brainstorm the list of Interests, Passions, and Deep Dives your teen has had so far in their high school years.
  • Mark the items that your teen spent the most time on or dived the deepest
  • Review the questions on the Identifying Credit Worksheet
  • Let it all percolate before you choose to build the transcript

Over all, this should take less than 30 min to brainstorm, mark, and read the questions. Then just let it percolate for a bit.

Until Next Time,

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