Written by Shannon

In Homeschooling in The Slow Lane, I wrote – and truly believe,

“It’s okay if it feels like others are speeding around your kiddo. They are on their own timeline, perfectly designed.

“And it’s totally okay.

“In fact, it’s better than okay – if your kiddo is happy, engaged, and fulfilled exploring their own interests and passions, learning and gleaning and growing in their body of knowledge and experience, on their own time table.

“It all works out.”

The reference to “speeding around your kiddo” related to a quote I shared from Dr Katie Hurley, LCSW, about driving in the slow lane (click here if you missed it).    

One of the things I really love about Dr. Katie Hurley’s facebook page is that she shares – anonymously – what teens are actually wanting their parents to know.  

That’s valuable insight.

But the truth is, while we want – and love to see – our kiddos happy, engaged, and fulfilled exploring their own interests and passions…  

It’s not always that way.  

Our teens aren’t always happy.  Or engaged.  Or Fulfilled.  

Sometimes they are caught up in the churn, in the worry, in the anxiety…

Sometimes they lose hope and faith…

And the pandemic has not helped.

Coming out of the pandemic, many teens were faced with fears, uncertainties, figuring out how to navigate life again, at where they are now, within who they are now…

… which is very different than who and where they were at the beginning of 2020.  

And we all are having to navigate that.  Some more than others. But it’s there. Part of our shared experiences.

And, even outside of coming out of the pandemic, there will be times where there’ large obstacles are in the road. Or a forced detours. Times where our teens are struggling.

During these times, the slow lane is the best place to be.  The slow lane is nurturing, healing, comforting.   

The slow lane allows our children to test, try, experiment, pivot, try again.  To make time for what lights them up, when it is hard to light up at all.  

To make time for therapy, and online friendships, and maintaining vital connections.  

Sanity matters.  Mental health matters.   Matters more than any credits, more than any arbitrary timelines. More than anyone else’s schedule or agenda.   

If you are currently “in the slow lane”, fighting for your teen’s mental health.  I want you to know, you are not alone.  

It’s okay. Don’t worry about anyone else’s pace.  Just keep doing your thing – supporting Your kiddo, where they are at.   Because *that* is what matters most.  

And I can assure you, that when they are ready, it will all come together – faster than you can imagine.  

The timeline doesn’t matter. 

But your relationship, their mental health.  That matters.

Much love,


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