Written by Shannon

“Cultivating passion means allowing your child to truly enjoy something
(or a few somethings), even if it is time-limited. 

And sometimes that means driving in the slow lane
even when everyone around you
appears to be in a high-speed race to the finish.”

~ Dr. Katie Hurley, LCSW,
The Happy Kid Handbook

This quote from Dr. Katie Hurley makes me smile. And speaks to me on several levels…

First, just the image that comes to mind of driving along on a country road, enjoying the scenery, while these big trucks periodically zoom up and around, makes me smile.

This happens all the time where we live – in the countryside just outside of Houston, Texas.

When the kids were each learning to drive, we’d often have conversations about the drivers who would zoom up from behind, and then couldn’t wait to get around and zoom on ahead.

At first, it made them feel pressured, like they weren’t going fast enough. It was nerve wracking to be a new driver and have this truck come up fast from behind and then speed around.

I’d tell them, “Don’t worry about them. Just keep doing your thing.”

And invariably we’d see them again, at the next stop light.

We all got to the same place, but in our own time, at our own pace.

Now, as adults, when it happens, it’s become a running joke. “Oh look, there’s that truck that passed us….”

Sometimes, when we are allowing our kiddos to follow their passions and to really deep dive in, it can feel like that others around them are “speeding ahead” finishing courses, filling out a diversity of credits, and doing things that feel like what we remember or expect of high school.

I share with you the same advice I tell my kids, “Don’t worry about them. Just keep doing your thing…”

It all translates into a body of learning, a body of knowledge. And when our kiddos are diving deep into what lights them up, it’s a deep, rich learning.

They are gaining a myriad of knowledge and experiences that will all come together in ways we just can’t see yet. But I can tell you from the other side… it’s really fascinating and lovely.

It’s okay if it feels like others are speeding around your kiddo. They are on their own timeline, perfectly designed.

And it’s totally okay.

In fact, it’s better than okay – if your kiddo is happy, engaged, and fulfilled exploring their own interests and passions, learning and gleaning and growing in their body of knowledge and experience, on their own time table.

It all works out.

And you may be surprised – and amazed – at the opportunities, connections, and friendships that open up along the way.

Until next time, Happy Learning!


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