My Grown Homeschooler’s Advice to Homeschool Moms

Written by Shannon

Last week before our workshop, I was sharing with my older son, Josh (23), that I was going to be talking about the two interests of his that I accidentally killed during his high school years, and what I learned from it

We reminisced a bit, and then he says,

“Yeah, but, really mom, you can’t beat yourself up over stuff like that. There’s always another opportunity. There’s always another interest, and so many more opportunities.”

I can tell you that in that moment, I was so proud of his attitude. And so pleased that that is where he is at mentally – in the land of possibility and opportunity.

Yes, I killed a couple interests, and I learned from it.

But yes, there were so many more opportunities along the way to do better, to customize to him, to meet him where he was at.

He and his siblings.

And gosh I am thankful for that.

In the beginning of several of our workshops, I’ve said, “Give yourself Grace.”

And truly, please give yourself grace.

We aren’t always going to get it right. But as long as we keep learning and growing, and apologizing where we need to, our kids will benefit. Our families will benefit.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda, doesn’t help long term. But learning, growing, and embracing the new opportunities before us does.

So thankful for the relationships and connections that the kids and I have now. That they can share their insights and we can reflect back, and look forward. It’s a lovely, interesting experience.

Until Next Time,

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