Written by Shannon

June. You’ve made it through May, and all the end of season, semester, year activities. Graduations are past. All that push, pull, the “getting through” the busy-ness is done for the moment.

I encourage you to take a few moments, close your eyes, and breathe. And let it all go.

As a homeschool mom, you have a lot on your shoulders. You do a lot. Often at the sacrifice of your own personal dreams and desires. Knowing that one day, they will be grown, and gone. And life will look very different.

And you are seeing signs of that too. When they go off with their friends, on trips, and outings – having adventures without you.

In that transition from being “taxi mom” to watching them drive off to the store or the movies or wherever without you.

I was talking with a homeschool dad of 9 today about this idea of letting go and releasing.  All of his kids are now grown and graduated. This past weekend alone his youngest just got a new job and a mentorship, one of his daughters got married, and his oldest son and family are moving to a new country.

He said, this season of life is all about letting go. And proceeded to sing me “Let it go, let it go” (from Frozen).

As much as our kids have transitions to what’s next, so do we. But for now, take a moment or more and release all the worry, stress, the niggles and fears, and the pressures that arise.

For a time, let go – for a moment – the responsibility you feel for your kiddo’s education and future. And embrace something that recharges you.

This parenting thing, it’s a long game. And it’s good to take a break and recharge. All journeys have breaks and pit stops. I encourage you to take time for yours. Refuel, re-energize, and do something for you.

I’m thinking of you.

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