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On any given day, someone here is deeply involved in story – reading, listening, watching, story telling, crafting, writing, acting, role playing, researching, and/or illustrating.  

There’s something about story that we are just wired for.  

I’ve spent hours listening to the kids tell me about a story they are listening to, reading, watching, or playing  

And spent hours reading aloud or listening to, or watching stories with them.

Just today, Z was telling me about the story he’s listening to, Es was telling me about the new story she’s working on,  Josh updated me on the latest chapter in the book he is writing, and Kate was telling me about a movie that is coming out this week she thinks I’ll like.


Does Story play a part in the conversations and/or activities at your house?  

Is your teen actively involved in reading, listening, writing, crafting, illustrating, acting, watching, and/or playing with story?

If so, you have fodder for an English credit. 

While many of us are familiar with the ubiquitous English I, II, III…  High School English credits actually come in a variety of flavors and specialties.

For the next few emails I’ll share a few to get your ideas flowing.

Starting with this one that I ran across in the Texas education code after last month’s Q&A Call.  I wish I had known about it back when I was thinking about English credits for my kids, cuz it would have been perfect, especially for Z.

Oral Interpretation (I, II, III)
“Literature and its presentation are integral to understanding the cultural aspects of a society. Students in Oral Interpretation I, II, III will select, research, analyze, adapt, interpret, and perform literary texts as a communication art. Students focus on intellectual, emotional, sensory, and aesthetic levels of texts to attempt to capture the entirety of the author’s work. Individual or group performances of literature will be presented and evaluated.

The formal language of the course description feels really stiff. But the reality of the implementation – oh that is fun and delightful – at least for a kiddo who likes to express themselves orally and to share story as a whole body experience.

Not for everyone – as nothing is. After all, one size doesn’t fit all.

But one English credit idea – possibility – of so many.

Watch your email this month, as I share more English credit ideas with you. If you have specific questions or are looking for ideas for your teen, feel free to email me at shannon (at) capturingcredit (dot) com.

Until next time, Happy Learning!


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