Shifting my thinking from “we don’t have money for that”

Written by Shannon

Over the years, all the kids’ interests have shifted our perspectives about money. It’s all a trade.

A meal out? Oh, that’s a blacksmithing tool, a bowling game, a month of server hosting, an archery lesson…

Shifting my thinking from “we don’t have money for that” or “we can’t afford it” to “how can we make this happen” “is there another way”. Was pivotal to freeing ourselves to fully support the kids’ interests.

Finding the trades, finding the alternate resources, trading time, effort, and experience for the things that best supported the kids in their interests…

Rather than coming from feeling of lack or “can’t”, we learned to come from a point of possibility and options.

And somehow it all worked out. The right resources and opportunities appeared.

Finding a way… it’s worth it, especially for deep dives and those passions that were deep on our kids hearts.


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