You were created you. And that is a wonderful, amazing thing.

Written by Shannon

I’m a little passionate about how humans learn and grow.

And respecting we are all individuals on a path that is unique and customized to who you are as an individual.

Who your child is as an individual. Perfectly created.

I am passionate about finding a way, for removing barriers and blocks and finding a way.

There are so many possibilities and opportunities in the world. We are all perfectly created for our little piece. There’s enough room.

We are not meant to be exactly alike, to walk the same path.

We can walk parallel journeys and cheer each other on.

It hurts my heart to hear of kids in tears, and calling themselves stupid, because they learn differently,

or are wired differently,

or are passionate about something that their family or peers don’t yet get.

To hear the heart ache from parents struggling between what convention says is the ideal, and the wonderful, unique individual they are parenting.

It hurts my heart to see brilliant, creative adults beat themselves up because their gifts didn’t fit the box someone else put them in.

You were created you.

And that is a wonderful, amazing thing.


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