Welcome to Capturing Credit

Welcome to Capturing Credit, where we show you how to turn your homeschooled or unschooled teen’s interests, passions, and deep dives into high school credit.  Really.

Now there are lots of resources out there to show you how to create a conventional American high school transcript for your homeschooler.  

But Where we are different, is that Capturing Credit really focuses on how to turn all that amazing, unstructured, self-directed learning into legitimate credit on a professional looking high school transcript. 

Hi I’m Shannon, for the last twenty years, I’ve been the work at home homeschooling mom to four fabulous kids, who were always homeschooled and mostly unschooled. Now they are grown and graduated. 

But, years ago I was a just homeschool mom at the beginning of the teen years, standing in my kitchen, listening to my oldest daughter talking about the big name, ivy league schools she had been researching, and having my own private freak out moment.  Because at the time, she was spending her time decorating cakes, listening to audio books, and deep diving into manga.   I was like “oh my gosh am I going to ruin my child’s life by embracing an interest-led education”

I knew I needed to figure the transcript out. 

That moment led to my  own deep dive into the world of understanding transcripts, credits, and course descriptions and  grasping how all that worked together, so that I could embrace my kids interests , passions, and deep dives,, and knowing that I could confidently and authentically translate all that amazing learning into high school credit on a transcript that an American college would recognize. 

Maybe you are where I was years ago, at the beginning of the high school journey, having one of those mom freak out moments, realizing “I need to figure this transcript thing out.” 

Or maybe you are like Marie who really wanted to embrace a interest-led education or maybe even unschooling, but that niggle, that fear, “what about the transcript?” “What about college?” Kept holding her back. 

 Or maybe you are like Alex’s mom, or Faith’s mom, who were at the end of their high school years, and all of the sudden were in a situation where they needed a transcript.  But had no idea how to turn all that amazing learning  and experience into legitimate credits on a transcript. 

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place. Let’s get you confident in this process of embracing your kids interests, knowing that you can translate those interests, passions, and deep dives – all that amazing learning –  into high school credit.